Top 5 Beaches in Greece that You Should Visit in Your Lifetime

When it comes to choose the best beaches in Greece it is a real struggle to choose the best ones. The mix of sand and rocks, small beaches in a bay, the green-blue water, the shades from the massive trees on the beach that make you feel bad leaving the beach even in the hottest days are just making the choice even harder to be made. Anyway this 5 beaches are the ones that are in everybody’s favorites. Enjoy!

1. Elafonissi Beach – Crete Island

Elafonissi Beach

Located in the South coast is the most beautiful beach in Crete and one of the best in Greece. The pinkish sand mixed with some big rocks, makes you feel like you are on another planet! If your destination for the summer is Crete, this one is a must!

2. Porto Katsiki Beach – Lefkas Island

Porto Katsiki Beach

Lefkas in an island in the Ionian Sea, connected with bridges to the land. Porto Katsiki is located on the West coast of Lefkas and is one of the places on the Earth from where you can see the most beautiful sunset ever. Orange sky and turquoise water, enjoyed with a glass of wine from the restaurants on top of the cliff is an unforgetable experience!

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