The Most Amazing Facts About Japan

13. If you use the restroom when in someone else’s home, you need to put on a designated bathroom slippers in order not to contaminate the rest of the home.
14. Also, in Japan is not uncommon to consume rice on every meal in the day, including breakfast.
15. The largest fish market in the world is located in Japan and it is called Tsukiji Market.

16. One of the most amazing facts about Japan is the one that the average life expectancy in japan is 83 years and it is considered to be the highest in the world.
17. The first novel in the world was written by a Japanese woman in 1007.
18. Empty orchestra is what the term karaoke means in Japanese.
19. If you want to become a fugu chef it takes about 7-10 years of intensive training!

20. Another very interesting fact is that some of the Japanese companies offer morning exercise sessions for their workers in order to prepare them for the day.
21. Geisha actually means a person of the arts and believe it or not, the first geisha were actually women!

22. Ramen noodles is the most popular meal in Japan and it is believed that it takes a lot of skills for this meal to be prepared.
23. In Japan, men considered a plump body and small eyes the most attractive features on a woman.
24. There are not any anti-smoking laws in Japan because many of the politicians in Japan are highly interested in tobacco. There are some companies that give an additional 6 days break to the employees that don’t smoke in order for them to make up for the time that smokers waste when going on cigarette breaks. Now that is motivational!

There are a lot more amazing facts about Japan but one thing is for sure, this country is a must visit!