The Most Amazing Facts About Japan

Japan itself is one truly amazing and unique country but we bet that you never heard about the most amazing facts about Japan which is why he have prepared this list for you.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
1. The trains in Japan get so crowded that the railway staff is employed to cram the passengers inside.
2. The most popular food in Japan is raw horse meat.
3. There are more than 200 volcanoes in Japan and more than 70% of the country consists of mountains.
4. Most of the couples in Japan are celebrating Christmas like Valentine ’s Day.
5. The tallest mountain in Japan is called Mt. Fuji and it is located 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. This mountain is also an active volcano.
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji
6. Coffee is the most popular drink in Japan and the Japanese are obsessed with it. More than 85% of Jamaica’s coffee production is imported there.
7. The national sport of Japan is of course, Sumo.
8. The literacy rate of Japan is almost 100%.
9. In order to fatten up, the Sumo wrestlers eat this stew that is called Chankonabe.
10. Slurping while eating is considered to indicate that the food is delicious in Japan. People almost always slurp while eating noodles.
11. There are more than 1500 earthquakes in Japan every year.
12. Believe it or not, Japan is the largest automobile producer in the whole world.