How to Spend Your Weekend When in Rome

48th hours are never enough when it comes to travelling and visiting a particular place. However you can do so much and so little time if you plan ahead and follow through. Sometimes having the pressure of the small amount of time can actually make your experience even greater.
So if you plan on visiting Italy we have prepared this plan for you in order to grasp everything you can and experience most of it when in Rome.
One thing we know for sure and that is the fact that you can never get bored or dull in Rome. It Is just amazing and magical.

Which is why we have prepared this guide for you to follow when in Rome:

The best option for travelling is with airplane of course because you don’t want to lose time in travelling. There are direct flights to Rome almost from anywhere in the world and the airport is just 26 km outside of the center. However, there is a train that can get you in the heart of Rome in just half an hour.
When you finally arrive, it is the time to focus on grasping on as much as you can and optimizing your stay in the following 48 hours.

Colosseum, when in Rome

First things, you need to find yourself a roof over your head. There are plenty of cheap hostels you can choose from when in Rome. However, the best choice for you in order not to waste any time in looking for accommodation is to book ahead online so that you can check in immediately after you arrive in Rome and go explore the city.

Vatican Museum, when in Rome

Also you should also think about your budget and how much you are willing to spend on this weekend because if you for example arrive on Saturday and leave on Sunday, you only have one night in accommodation to pay so you may afford something fancier and spoil yourself.

Sistine Chapel, when in Rome

Now, you need to focus on maximizing your 48 hours and don’t be afraid from acting like a natural tourist. You need to visit all the must-visit attractions that represent Rome because you will regret you didn’t later.

St. Peter’s Basilica, when in Rome

The Colosseum is probably on the top of the list and there are the Vatican Museums which are a blast! The Sistine Chapel and of course the famous St. Peter’s Basilica.
These are just a few of the must visit places to where you can go with metro which is pretty cheap.

Pantheon, when in Rome

It that is not enough for you, you should go and find the world-famous Pantheon and witness a thousand years old architecture. The Trevi Fountain is also a must visit when in Rome.

Trevi fountain, when in Rome

When it comes to food you probably have heard that the restaurants in Rome are not that cheap but believe us when we say that every cent is worth it because the food and especially the pasta is delicious. If you like dessert, you have to visit Gelatoria del Teatro and experience the most amazing and magical gelato you have ever tried.

gelato, when in Rome

If you are looking for some wild nightlife when in Rome, we assure you can find it. Also, if you want some quite restaurants and night bars, there are plenty. This city offers something for everyone and it is for sure a must visit! Enjoy your time when visiting!

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