A Perfect Blend of Travel and Fashion Meet Tara Milk Tea

Tara Whiteman, commonly known as Tara Milk Tea, is living the life that every adventurous soul out there dreams of. The young blogger is traveling to many different countries, enjoying life at some of the most exclusive sites in this world.The 23 year old has her own blog named “Tara Milk Tea” as where she got her nickname from.

taramilktea, Dubrovnik,Croatia

taramilkteaJapanese Gardens Auburn

taramilktea,Residence of Tan Teng Niah,Singapore


She is always posting new, fascinating pictures of some of the most attractive locations on this planet. She also doesn’t forget to post a picture or two of her daily outfits and some of the tasty dishes that she tries along the way. Some of her most recent activities include trips to countries like Greece, Croatia and Italy.

taramilktea,Sydney, Australia


taramilktea,Cavo Tagoo ,Mykonos

taramilktea,Vedema a Luxury Collection Resort Santorini,Grece

In a recent interview, Tara opened up about how she started her career on Instagram. She said that she first started with some basic pictures of her outfits, and after a while, when the number of followers started rising, she included the travelling and the food too.

taramilktea,Cinque Terre,Italy

taramilktea,Blue Palace a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Crete,Greece
Today, with more than 800 thousand followers on her Instagram account, she says that there is not a single thing that she would rather do than travel, explore and try a dish from every cuisine in this world. I mean, who would?