A list of 30 of the best festivals around the world! (part one)

Who doesn’t like festivals? We all do.
Yet most of us are not even aware about the best festivals around the world, where they take place and what is so great about them.
Which is why we have prepared this list of 15 of the best festivals around the world. You need to at least visit some of them before growing old.
Choose your favorite after you read this and the next part of the list:

1. Snow and Ice Festival
Snow & Ice Festival, China

This festival takes place in Harbin, China and it starts on the 24th of December and ends on the 28th of February. There are plenty of reasons why to visit it but the main one is the fact that this is the largest snow and ice festival in the world. There are full size buildings that are made from snow and ice.

2. Winter Light Festival
 Winter Light Festival, Japan

The next festival that takes place in Japan in Kuwana City is happening from November to March and there is a large landscape that is turned into a giant light spectacle. It is the best light shows of all in japan.

3. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro
 Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

This carnival starts on the 3rd of February and it ends on the 19th of February. You probably have heard about it until now because it is the biggest carnival in the world with more than 2 million people attending and because of that, it is worldwide famous. The carnival is filled with color, samba music and it is for sure one of the best festivals around the world.

4. Electric Daisy Carnival
 Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is where this carnival takes place but the dates are changing each year. It is a three day electronic music festival and if you are a fan of electronic music you should be one of the 400,000 people that visit this carnival every year.

5. Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year, Hong Kong

According to the Chinese calendar, the date of this festival changes every year but it always takes place in Hong Kong. People say that this is the happiest place to be around Chinese New Year because people celebrate love and peace and the mask themselves in dragons in order to scare the evil away. This event is one of the most impressive ones in the world.

6. Boryeong Mud Festival
 Boryeong Mud Festival, South Corea

It happens in South Korea in July and it is created because this company that uses the mud from the Boryeong decided not to spend money on commercials but to invest in creating this festival on which the potential customers would be able to feel the amazing benefits from this mud. This story is really inspiring.

7. Transahara
 Beyond Sahara, Morocco

Next on the list of the best festivals around the world is Transhara that takes place in the Sahara desert in Morocco. There are only 1000 of tickets available because this is more of a private and very intimate and unique type of carnival so if you are into having some fun at the Sahara desert, start booking your tickets now.

8. Tommorowland
Tomorrowland, Belgium

Next on this list of the best festivals around the world is of course, the world-famous Tommorowland. This festival takes place in Belgium and it changes the date each year but it’s almost always in July. One of the world’s biggest electronic dance music festivals that lasts for days and nights is definitely worth visiting if you are into partying.

9. Ultra Music Festival
 Ultra Music Festival, Miami

The Ultra Music Festival takes place in Miami in March. It is a full week of partying and young people in the US love it! There are more than 300,000 visitors and the tickets are sold in just few seconds.

10. Saint Patrick’s Day Festival
 St.Patrick's Day Festival, Ireland

Taking place in Dublin, Ireland  between  15th – 19th March, this festival is originally a celebration of Christianity in Ireland. However it has now expanded into a world-wide celebration of the Irish culture. This festival is for sure worth the visit!

11. The Carnevale
The Carnevale, Venice

Judging by the name this festival takes place in Venice  Italy and it almost always happens in January or February. The people of Venice are celebrating for their victory and they use this time to do what they pleased without feeling any guilt because they are all wearing masks. This festivals looks like a fairytale coming into life.

12. Bay to Breakers
 Bay to Breakers, California

This festival takes place in San Francisco, California and it starts on the Third Sunday of May. Originally it began in order to raise the spirit of the people in San Francisco after the terrible earthquake but now it evolved into a massive festival on which 100,000 people come to party and dress up in costumes.

13. Splendour in the Grass
 Splendour in the Grass, Australia

Next on the list of the best festivals around the world takes place in New South Wales in Australia and the date of durance changes each year. It is really fun to see how no matter the cold weather, thousands of people from all around the world come to visit and experience this one of a kind festival.

14. The Rosklide Festival
 Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Taking place in Denmark this festival starts in June or July. It is also considered to be one of the Europe’s largest music festivals with more than 100,000 of visitors each year. The best thing about it is that there is a naked run where people that are brave enough run naked! It seems like nudity and festivals go pretty well together.

15. Garma Festival
 Garma Festival, Australia

The last but not least on this part of the best festivals around the world is the Garma Festival that takes place in Northern Territory in Australia. This is the most significant event in Australia because it is a celebration of the Yolngu inheritance. It is a great event for people to share culture, traditions and open up their hearts for their land. It is also famous about encouraging the preservation of arts and ceremonies. If you are an artistic person and also love Australia and its wonders, this festival is a must visit!