The Most Interesting Facts About Dubai

10. Burj Al Arab is the most famous hotel in Dubai and it is also known by the name of the World’s only 7 star hotel because this is probably the most luxurious hotel a man can stay in. It is located just 280 meters off the shores and it is located on a man-made island. This island is also accessible by a bridge road that is 340m long.
11. The 22 carat gold, 5.52km long chain that was made in Dubai by 100 people that worked more than 10 hours a day set a new Guinness World Record.

12. Also, in the Burj Al Arab hotel, 24 carat gold leafs are covering the interior.

13. An area of 22,500 square meters is covered and turned into an indoor ski resort. This place is the ultimate tourist attraction.
Ski Dubai
14. Are you aware about the fact that kissing in public when in Dubai is illegal and can result in deportation?

15. Also, if you are a visitor in Dubai you are prohibited to wear any indecent clothing and by indecent they mean any clothing that reveals too much skin.

16. Dubai is also known by the name of the Shopping capital of the Middle East because it has more than 70 shopping centers which is a lot!

17. Also, the world’s largest flower garden is located in Dubai called the Dubai Miracle and it is the home for 45 million flowers. WOW!
All of these interesting facts about Dubai are reasons why you need to visit this magical city! We guarantee you will be impressed!

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