Hawaii- The Vacation of Your Dreams


Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is the most beautiful volcanic archipelago in the World.
It is consisted of 8 main islands: Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. Besides Niihau and Kahoolawe, all of the others are open to tourists who are welcomed with open hands. Hawaii is the biggest one and carries the name Big Island with pride.

Beaches and Nature

Beaches untouched by man, rich vegetation, shallow and peaceful waters but also powerful waves from time to time are some of the many characteristics of this island.


The beauty of nature, tropical climate and volcanoes make this island one of the top holiday destinations among tourists, surfers, biologists and volcanologists around the World.

Hawaiian leis

The people who live in Hawaii are the happiest in the whole USA. They carry this title for the sixth time according to the researches done by Gallup. People on this island also have the longest life span of 82 years in the whole USA. Statistics are obviously not needed in order for us to determine that. Happy faces saying Aloha and warm hugs is the first impression you get when you arrive in Hawaii.


The natives also give you a Hawaiian leis which is a necklace made up of orchids and other tropical flowers. This necklace is a symbol of love and friendship.


The climate is tropical with rainforests which are rich with flora and fauna.

Waterfall Hawaii

Deep in these rainforests you can find hidden waterfalls which give a spectacular sight. Some of them are easy to get to but some require a few hours of walking and climbing in order to get to them.


5 volcanoes are part of the Hawaiian Islands. 4 of them are located on the Big Island aka Hawaii. They have a huge significance in the world of science. Many researchers and volcanologists visit them every day so they can perform analyzes.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Mauna Kea is an inactive volcano which rises 4205 m above the sea, but the biggest part of the mountain is found underwater. Its full height is estimated to be 9750 m. The suitable climate contributed to building the biggest observatory in the World from where you can study the cosmos.

Observatory Mauna Kea Hawaii

A little lower than Mauna Kea is Mauna Loa which according to its volume is the biggest volcano in the World. It is proven that its weight is so great that it actually deforms the Pacific plate. Unlike Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa is active. An attractive location is also Kilauea which is considered to be the most active volcano in the World. It hasn’t stopped erupting since 1983. Tourists absolutely love it.

Place to visit

Hawaii is a combination of nature and culture. You can visit a number of museums and parks while you are there. Be sure you don’t miss: Haleakala National Park, Lao Valley State Park, Waipio Valley, Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial, Diamond Head Crater and many others.

Waipio Valley

Besides enjoying the beauty of the beaches and the water, you can also play golf or go whale watching.

Hula dance

One of the things you also can’t miss is the famous hula dance which is a combination of Hawaiian culture and tradition.

hula dance-Hawaii

The ancient dance was a religious act dedicated to historical events, legends and also to the life of the kings. Nowadays there are a few versions of this dance and every one of them hides its own story.


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