How to Get Somebody to Fall in Love With You Forever

If the topic is love, then how can we not mention the most romantic city on Earth – Venice.


Exploring the sights in gondola you realize that Venice is like an open museum where you don’t have to enter a building to enjoy the art and history of the city. It can be found everywhere around you.

Rialto Bridge

That, combined with the legends behind it, makes it a perfect vacation spot for all the lovebirds around the world.

Carnival in Venice


The Bridge of Sighs ( Ponte dei Sospiri )

Even though Italy has the biggest and also the most impressive collection of bridges in the world, the Bridge of Sighs in Venice tops them all. It can only be seen from Ponte della Paglia and Canonica Bridge – places which are flooded with tourists why try to take a picture of the famous bridge.

Bridge of Sights

It is known as one of the most beautiful but at the same time notorious landmarks in Venice. This bridge was the place which connected the courts in Doge’s Palace with the New Prison.

Palazzo Ducale-Doge's Palace

According to the legend and also the name of the bridge, prisoners who were convicted took their last breath in the free world here, before they entered the prison situated on the other side.
Moving on the more positive facts concerning this landmark. It was built between the 16th and 17th century with Istrian stone which gives it its elegant and sophisticated look. Today it is considered as a symbol of eternal love. It is believed that if a couple passes under it at sunset, their love will last forever.
It is so popular that even a movie named “A Little Romance” was inspired but the legend behind it.

If this doesn’t help, then we give you one more option.


The San Marco Red Bud

Besides celebrating the national day of liberation, on 25 April, people in Venice also celebrate the feast known as San Marco Red Bud.

St.Mark's Basilika

The legend behind this day states that in the 19th century, the daughter of the famous aristocrat Doge Orso, Mary, fell in love with a boy from the working class named Tancredi. Mary’s father didn’t want her to spend time with Tancredi so they both came up with a plan. The plan was Tancredi to go and fight the Turks in order to prove his worthiness to the Doge.
In a short period of time he gained popularity due to his skills on the battlefield. Unfortunately, during a battle he was wounded and fell on a garden full of roses. Using his last breath he called his friend and gave him a rose so he can deliver it to Mary. The rose was stained with his blood and represented a tocken of his love to her. After delivering the message from Tancredi, on 25 April, Mary was found dead in her bedroom with the bud in her hand.


That is how the tradition of giving a red bud to the woman you love started. So, if you happen to be in Venice on 25 April, don’t forget to surprise your better half.

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