The Most Famous Places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey

There are so many both fun and historically important places to visit in Istanbul that are open for the public to view. One has to visit this remarkable city and have a glimpse of the extraordinary culture, tradition and history in his lifetime. All the mosques, churches and palaces are definitely worth viewing. This magical city will take you in the heart of what once was the famous Constantinople.

If you get the chance to go in Turkey, these are the places to visit in Istanbul and they are a must!

1. Historical Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, places to visit in Istanbul

This majestic mosque is located just across the famous Hagia Sophia and it is considered to be the best historical place in Istanbul. Every tourist visit this place when traveling in Istanbul because they can experience the culture and religion of the Muslims in Turkey who are visiting this mosque daily for the prayers. The entrance here is free or you can give donations. There are more than 300 windows and 6 very unique minarets but of course, the Blue Mosque is the most famous one.

2. Glory of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, places to visit in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia is on the top of the list of places to visit in Istanbul because this building which is now a museum represents everything that happened to Constantinople from the Byzantine rule to the Ottoman grandeur. This former church is one of Istanbul’s greatest glories! This building has an iconic interior and some of the most important scenes from the Bible are represented just there.