5 Places in Eastern Europe You Should Visit This Autumn


Most people like to travel during the summer or winter, but what they forget is that travelling during fall is always cheaper, less crowded, and the temperature is just perfect. Autumn is the time when many interesting events and exhibitions take place which celebrate the beauty of this time of the year. Another mistake that people often make is that they plan to visit West and forget all about the beauty of Eastern Europe.

1.Moscow – Russia,Eastern Europe

Even though there is no such thing as a bad period to visit this city, there is something special about Moscow during the months of October and November. Known for the popular attractions like The Red Square, Kremlin and The Gorky Park , Moscow has other things to offer as well.

Eastern Europe,Moscow,Red Square

Eastern Europe,Moscow,Kremlin

One of the most popular events is the opening of the festival known as “Circle of Light”. In the last week of September, the most famous buildings in Moscow turn to canvas for digital and visual art. With the use of projections, lasers, light and fire, artists present pictures, films and animations.

Eastern Europe,Moscow,Circle of Light

While we are on the subject of classical art, September and October are the months when the record numbers of exhibitions are scheduled to happen. Visiting Moscow in autumn can really be an experience of a lifetime.

2.Novi Sad – Serbia,Eastern Europe

Novi Sad is the second biggest city in Serbia, known as the capital of Eastern Europe’s culture.

Eastern Europe,Novi Sad

Whether you choose to visit the special autumn market, drink beer in a pub or visit the Petrovaradin Fortress, autumn is the best time of the year to visit this city.

Eastern Europe,Novi Sad
Beer lovers should plan their trip in October because there are 2 festivals organized in the course of this month. During this time, you can find 20 different types of beer, you can actually see how beer is made, and of course – listen to some great music.

Eastern Europe,Novi Sad

Eastern Europe,Novi Sad
If you plan on visiting the autumn market, you should book the last week of October. Here you can find different types of flowers, plates and vases made of clay, autumn vegetables and many traditional handmade things.

3. Warsaw – Poland,Eastern Europe

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern and Middle Europe, Warsaw has a lot to offer to tourists from all over the world.

Eastern Europe,Warsaw,church Ste-Croix

From the amazing architecture, all the way to the festivals, exhibitions and events which are organized – Warsaw will certainly not disappoint you.

Eastern Europe,Warsaw,royal-bathroom

Eastern Europe,Warsaw,old town

One of the more important events is the international film festival which is scheduled to happen in October. Visitors will not only have the chance to watch new movies, but they will also participate in all kinds of workshops. You can also visit the Old Town, where many exhibitions are scheduled to happen, so you will have the chance to see the works of many different geniuses for the first time.

4. Bratislava – Slovakia,Eastern Europe

Bratislava is one of the most visited cities in whole Europe and we have a few reasons why.

Eastern Europe,Bratislava,Slovakia

Eastern Europe,Bratislava,Slovakia,old town

Besides the famous castles and cathedrals, the city is also known for the cultural events like The Jazz Festival and the International Film Festival.
Founded in 1975, jazz musicians from all over Slovakia made this festival one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. The number of performers increases with every passing year.

Eastern Europe,Bratislava,jazz

As the Jazz Festival ends, the Film Festival begins. Famous actors from all over the world like Rade Serbedzija, George Clooney and Charlotte Gainsbourg have visited this festival. This year the visitors will have the chance to choose from 100 different movies which will be displayed.

5. Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina,Eastern Europe

After you visit the Kastel Fortress which is a must, you can attend many different cultural events.

Eastern Europe,Banja Luka

One of the most famous events is the “Night Explorers”, which is a series of free workshops. Those workshops are opened by professionals, but also from students which study chemistry, mathematics or physics at university.

Eastern Europe,Banja Luka 2
Another important event is the International festival for animated films. Even though this industry is present in Banja Luka since the 60s, this festival started happening only 10 years ago. You can watch the most popular and successful animated, European movies here.
This city also offers something for the art lovers- The Museum of Modern Art. This year, the museum is hosting an exhibition of the famous Grayson Perry.