Why Should You Choose The Maldives As Your Holiday Destination This Year?

Nature has shown its full glory right here in the Maldives.

Maldives beach

The transparent waters, white sandy beaches and magical sunsets, which will take your breath away, are just part of the romantic picture which nature has painted in the Maldives.

Maldives beach

The other part of that picture was made up of man’s hand. Some of the best resorts, underwater restaurants and spa centers in the world are located here. Luxury can be found every step of the way and the opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself are never-ending.

You can choose different kinds of accommodation depending on your preferences and you will never go wrong. Comfort, luxury, privacy and security are provided everywhere.

Ocean Pool Villa

ocean pool villa

If you want to feel every bit of the magic that the Maldives can offer than this is the accommodation you should choose. These villas which are built over the water provide a direct access to the ocean and also your own, private little sundeck where you can enjoy the sun and get a nice tan.

ocean pool villa

The amazing thing about these villas is that besides access to the ocean, you also have access to your own private, freshwater pool. You can enjoy your own indoor as well as outdoor showers and also a bathtub with perfect ocean view.

Beach Pool Villa

beach pool villa
If you don’t want a direct access to the ocean and you want to feel the sand between your toes before you get in the water than you can book a beach pool villa. It’s not that different than an ocean pool villa – only the access to the beach.

beach villa

You also get your own private infinity pool from where you can watch the sunset, the ocean and white beaches come together for a magical view.

The world’s first underwater restaurant, underwater spa and under-water nightclub were built in this area.


Maldivs underwater restaura

It’s not a surprise that there can be a few obstacles on your way to the Maldives. The prices and also the climate can sometimes cause problems.

The standard temperature throughout the whole year is between 26C-30C. The Maldives never suffer from tornadoes. There is a monsoon season between May and October but it is not that big of a problem – the rain tends to be short and it happens in the afternoons only.

 Maldives beach pool
As you might know, the prices can fluctuate throughout the year.Some holidays like New Year and Christmas are the most expensive but also the best time to visit the Maldives. April being the end of the season is the cheapest. In May the weather is less predictable thus – the prices are also lower.

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