Best European Countries You Should Visit if Your Passion is Food

You cannot fully experience the beauty of one country without trying its cuisine. The specialties present in every nation provide you with a mixture of its history and culture. In conclusion, visiting a new country and all its famous landmarks is great, but trying some of its traditional food is just the icing on the cake. If you are looking for your next holiday destination, we give you a list of 5 countries in Europe (not in order) which have one of the most attractive cuisines in the world.

1. Greece

Besides its beautiful islands, blue waters and sandy beaches, Greece also has some of the most interesting dishes in whole Europe. If you are visiting Greece and you are looking for something cheap and fast to eat- order a souvlaki. It is basically chopped pork, fries and some veggies in a hot bread bun. Yummy!

Greek souvlaki

If you are looking for a more sophisticated dinner let’s say, definitely ask for mousaka and some Greek salad.



Greek salad

It’s one of the most famous combinations present in every restaurant over the whole country. You can finish it off with a nice drink like ouzo or tsipouro.


We guarantee you won’t regret it

2. Italy

How can we possibly make this list without mentioning Italy? This country has one of the most famous cuisines and with a good reason at that. Red, yellow and green are usually the colors that prevail in Italian dishes, so the fresher the product – the better the dish. If you are on your way to Italy, we recommend trying every type of pizza and pasta that you can find.




There are no exceptions.

You can also try caprese which is a combination of tomato, original mozzarella and some virgin Olive oil and a piece of fresh bread.



For dessert we suggest you try panna cotta combined with some Italian wine or S.Pellegrino water.

panna cotta


3. France

Another gourmet capital here guys, no wonder this list is not in order. I mean how can you possibly choose which one of these countries has a better cuisine than the other? Famous cheese, champagne and baguettes are just some of the best qualities of this country.

blue cheese

Even though Roquefort which is a famous blue cheese and fish soup may smell bad, the taste is definitely incredible.

fish soup

You can start off your day by having the best breakfast ever – Croque-Monsieur which is a toast with ham, fried eggs and melted cheese.

Croque Monsieur

After visiting all the sites that you have in plan, you can order tartar which is raw fish or meat served with additional flavors and some olive oil.


In the end order some wine because you are in France after all…

4. Spain

If you are planning to visit this exquisite country, you have to remember that dinner is the most important meal of the day, but it is never served before 9pm. Using meats and seafood marinated in sauces rich with spices is one of the most popular characteristics of this cuisine. Whether you would like to eat some street food or in restaurants like the famous El Celler de Can Roca, we promise that you will be happy and full in the end. If you decide to spend your next vacation in Spain, we recommend trying Paella which is risotto mixed with seafood.


You have to try Tapas which are some traditional snacks and some Sangria or beer.





5. United Kingdom

The cuisine in the UK is mostly famous for its hygiene and also for its diversity as it is exposed to a range of different influences. We cannot talk about famous dishes in England without mentioning the obvious – the famous English Breakfast.

English Breakfast

This dish includes bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, some toast and a cup of tea. So, if you are not used to eating a lot at once, this meal may keep you full for the rest of the day. Fish and chips or pork pie are also traditional dishes which can be eaten as lunch or as dinner according to your preferences.

fish and chips


pork pie

You can complement them with some cider, whiskey or bear but if you are not into alcohol you can stick to the good old cup of tea.

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