These Are The Most Beautiful Universities in The World

It is not all about the knowledge but also the appearance of the place when it comes to universities.
Some of them are considered to be the most beautiful universities in the world and if you are curious enough, keep scrolling and find out who they are:

1. National Autonomous University of Mexico – Mexico City

University- Mexico City

UNAM campus, Mexico City
This university is so amazing that has even been deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. How could it not be when it has been designed by Mexico’s most famous architects and it has murals that have been painted by world famous artists like Diego Rivera.

2. University of Cambridge – England

University of Cambridge, England

University of Cambridge
You must have heard about the unique experience that the University of Cambridge has to offer. It is worldwide famous because it is both the best university and the most beautiful one in the world. Each and every one of the colleges are astonishing and unique in their own ways. Of course, the river Cam makes this place even more magical and dreamy.

3. University of Coimbra – Portugal

University of Coimbra ,Portugal

 University of Coimbra ,Portugal
Next on the list of most beautiful universities in the world is the oldest one in Portugal. This university dates back for seven centuries as one can notice by the numerous of ancient statues. It is most known about the fact that it contains one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

4. Yale University – Connecticut

 Yale University

Yale University
World-wide famous Yale University is so unique because of the amazing Gothic architecture. Also, it features numerous of buildings that are designed by world-famous architects such as Louis Kahn and even Frank Gehry.