Awake the Adrenaline Junkies in You

If you are young and wild and looking for a bit of adrenaline in your life then we fully recommend reading this list we made for you. It includes some of the most exciting and action-packed experiences that you can have with some of the most beautiful sceneries along the way.

1. Heli-Biking in New Zealand


By hooking up mountain bikes on helicopters, a lot of operators are taking their clients to the top of some of the highest mountains in New Zealand. Afterwards, all the riders have to do is enjoy the downhill movement with massive descents of up to 6000 feet.


You only give minimum effort and in exchange you are riding trails you would have never seen otherwise and enjoying all the picture-perfect views of New Zealand.

2. Sandboarding in Morocco’s Sahara Desert


We give you an excellent replacement for the slow camel ride in the desert if you are a person who looks for speed and thrives for adrenaline – sandboarding. It is basically snowboarding but instead of snow covered mountains, this activity takes place in the desert.

It is an amazing way of exploring Morocco’s Sahara Desert. You require a Sand Board, Sand Skies, two polls and also some skills if you want to take up this challenge.

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