Are You Brave Enough to Drive on One of These Dangerous Roads?

1. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China



Before this famous tunnel was carved , villagers in the nearby village were totally cut off from the rest of the world. It was very hard for them to live like that. They started selling herbs and goats so they can gather enough money to buy steel tools and hammers. 13 of them worked together and built the 1200m long, 5m high and 4m wide tunnel which came out to be one of the most dangerous roads ever built.

2. James Dalton Highway, Alaska



Beginning north of Fairbanks, this road spreads 667 km through Alaska. It ends near the Arctic Ocean, more precisely the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. It is mostly used for transferring supplies and equipment to these oil fields. The scary thing about it is that it is placed in the middle of nowhere. It is filled with a lot of potholes and other dangers along the way due to the strong winds. However, it offers amazing views of mountain ranges and lakes that tourists are eager to see.

3. Tian Men Shan Big Gate Road,China


Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road

Spreading 11km from the top to the bottom of the mountain, this road is located in the Tianmen Mountain National Park. Its construction took 8 whole years with the highest point at 1.300m above sea level, and the lowest point at 200m.
If you want to reach the peak where you can find the rock known as Heaven’s Gate you also have to climb approximately 1000 stairs. This rock was believed to be the connection between the people and the gods. Amazing!

4. Gorges du Dadès



Stretching 100 miles between the Anti-Atlas mountain range and Atlas Mountains in Morocco, this road gives you one of the best views that you can come across.
It is surrounded with a thousand Kasbahs. They outline the road through palm groves and amazing desert landscapes.

5. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China



This 2142 km long road which stretches between Tibet and Chengdu is known as one of the most dangerous in the world. Due to avalanches, rock slides and poor weather conditions, it is responsible for the deaths of 7,500 for every 100,000 drivers.
Knowing these terrifying numbers, tourists still choose to visit this road. It passes through 14 mountains and primeval forests. Definitely the place to be if you want to enjoy nature to its fullest but if you also want that adrenaline rush.

6. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan



Similar to The Guoliang Tunnel road, this road is also made by carving out rocks through a mountain.
It is an unbelievable construction which connects the West and the East Coast in Taiwan. Like the other roads listed above, this one is also full with sharp turns and blind curves. It is a real challenge even for the best drivers.
However, it is definitely worth taking the risk. This road passes through the Taroko national park which is a real appeal to tourists.

7. North Yungas Road, Bolivia



And the best for last, or should I say the worst… Often named as the world’s most dangerous road, North Yungas Road can be found on the side of the Cordillera Oriental Mountains in Bolivia.
With sections which don’t have guardrails and are unpaved, this road earned its famous nickname- “Road of Death”. Winds coming from the Amazon bring fog and heavy rain, and with that countless of mudslides.
Bolivia changed the driving rules in this area in that way that vehicles have to ride on the left. That way they can have a better view of the edge of the road. This hasn’t helped a lot as it is estimated that 200 to 300 people are killed on this road every year.

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