All the Amsterdam attractions you need to know about

6. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam attractions

Next on the list of Amsterdam Attractions is the house where the famous Anne Frank lived. Her house is now turned into a museum where you can see all of her work as well as her personal belongings. The best choice to make here is to pre-book your tickets online because this place is not that big.

7. FOAM Photography Museum

FOAM Photography Museum, Amsterdam attractions

Photography is a great sensation in Amsterdam and everyone tries to do it or enjoys it so this FOAM Museum offers a great experiences such as exhibitions of famous photographers and even lively lectures. If you are into photography then this is the place to be.

8. Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam attractions

This museum represents both the history and culture of Amsterdam through numerous stories and works of art that can be seen there. Both the art exposed and the object itself are really fun and definitely worth experiencing.

9. EYE Film Institute Netherlands

EYE, Amsterdam attractions

This white and extremely aerodynamic building is a true landmark on the waterfront of the city. This building is the home for a world-class collection of movies. This place holds some of the world’s most famous movies and the originals masterpieces are stored here. There are great number of things you can do here from watching a movie to even creating a movie by yourself. The coolest bar in this city is located in this building and it offers an amazing experience and view.

10. Stadsarchief / The city Archive

Stadsarchief, The city Archive, Amsterdam attractions

This is not your boring city archive that is filled with dusty documents but this place is the home for a fascinating collection of thousands of documents and images. The exhibitions are open to the public so if you are interested in the history of the city, this is the place to be.