All the Amsterdam attractions you need to know about

Amsterdam is always fun and never dull! It is on top of every tourist list and this place is for sure a must visit!
These are all the Amsterdam attractions you need to know about if you ever plan on visiting this unique city:

1. Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam attractions

If you love art, you will love this place! This museum will get you closer to all the work and the actual life that Van Gogh led and how he worked. There are family portraits and pictures of his childhood as well as art that was painted by someone else while under his influence. If you plan on going the best thing for you to do is pre-book your tickets online.

2. The Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam attractions

This museum is also a great place to witness modern and contemporary art. This place is the home for the best art of the 20th century. Some major pieces from Mondrian and Kandinsky are exposed here. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this place if you are art fan.

3. Portuguese Synagogue

Portuguese Synagogue, Amsterdam attractions

This building has one of the most magical and inspiring interiors in the city. The synagogue is even considered to be a showpiece and the architect that designed this building explained that he was trying to create an imitation of the Temple of Solomon. If you want an even greater experience of this place you should try and catch a candlelit concert.

4. Canal Trip

Canal Trip, Amsterdam attractions

The Canal trip is probably the most famous one of all the Amsterdam attractions there are. Even though this may seem as a very predictable thing that a tourist would do, the experience is worth it! IT is because of the fact that it offers a unique view of the city. You will not regret taking this tour.

5. Concertgebouw

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam attractions

Built in 1888 this place is most famous about the amazing acoustics and some people even consider this hall to be the best in the world! If you don’t have the time to attend a show you also have a choice to get a tour around the concert hall or have some lunchtime programme on Wednesday.