Adventure and Mystery

1. Cleft Island

This island is located in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is part of a group of three islands named the Anser Group. The islands’ exterior looks like a skull, so it is also known as Skull Rock.

Kleft Island


The western side has a giant cave with grassy floor which is very strange but on the other hand, very beautiful. The cave is 60m high and deep and 130m wide. Due to the vertical tall cliffs that the island is surrounded by, very few people have explored the insides of the cave. The interesting thing is that the ones who have been there, reportedly discovered a few cannon balls. Definitely a place straight out of a movie script: a large island shaped like a skull with a gigantic cave and isolated from the rest of the world. Sounds like an adventure!

2. Kaindy Lake

This 400m long lake found in Kazakhstan’s part of the Tian Shan Mountains is one of the most mysterious but yet beautiful places in this country.

Kaindy Lake


Kaindy lake was formed due to an earthquake (1911) which later caused a landslide. The final result was a natural dam which later was filled with rainwater. The most interesting thing about this lake are the trees that rise out of the water and give a spectacular view. Magnificent work of nature.

3. The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

Located in Ryfylke and over 600m over Lysefjord, this plateau is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Norway.

Pulpit Rock


You should be ready for an exhausting walk to the top but it is worth it when you reach the top and witness the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. This place receives 200.000 visitors every year who enjoy one of the picnic areas or bathing spots. In this region you can also visit a lot of monuments from various historical periods.

4. Door to Hell

This tourist attraction is proof that scientific pursuits can sometimes not be completely successful.
But hey, if it wasn’t for their mistake we wouldn’t have had this amazing place which has deserved its famous name.

Door to Hell
In 1917, a group of Soviet scientist decided to look for natural gas on the territory of Turkmenistan. They set up the equipment, but unfortunately the rig collapsed. Fearing that methane gas would be released, they set the whole crater on fire. The funny thing is that they expected it to burn out in a few hours but 40 years later the crater is still burning and also attracting a lot of tourists.

5. Hinatuan River

It’s hard to believe that photoshop is not used when you see this magical site in the Philippines.

Hinatuan River
Hinatuan River, also known as the Enchanted River was discovered only a few years ago. If that fact is not strange enough, hear this: no one really knows where the crystal clear waters come from. Whatever the explanation may be, the saltwater river is still a wonder of nature. The surrounding area also has a lot of picnic tables, chairs and tents if you want to stay a little longer. The people here are very welcoming and offer different kinds of drinks and seafood that you won’t regret tasting.

6. Tianmen Shan (Heaven’s Gate Mountain)

This amazing cave is located in the Hunan Province in China.It was created completely naturally by erosion which is a hard thing to believe when you look at it.

Heaven's Gate


The way up is a little tough, but hey, you will be able to say that you have climbed “The stairway to heaven” when you come down. You have to take a long skytram, a bus ride and 999 steps in the end so you can reach the top. Nope, the numbers are not a coincidence. In Taoist tradition the number 9 is a symbol of the emperor or also known as the son of heaven.

7. Crescent Lake

And one more of natures’ finest creations. This desert jewel which is located 6km from of the city of Dunhuang in Western China looks like a scene from a movie. It is not common to see an incredible oasis like this one lying in the middle of a desert.

Crescent Lake


The strange thing is that it’s 15 to 25 feet deep which is a lot considering the fact that it is located in the middle of nowhere. But this doesn’t stop tourists from visiting and also enjoying other activities like riding camels while watching the sunrise.

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