A list of 30 of the best festivals around the world! (PART 2)

11. Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest, Germany, best festivals around the world.

Munich, Germany is the place where this festival is located. This festival is no joke because it lasts for 16 days and there are 6 millions of people from all around the world that come here just because of the bear, the music and the beautiful women that serve you! This festival is a blast on its own way.

12. La Tomatina
LaTomatina, Spain, best festivals around the world.

Taking place in Spain, this festival is happening every year purely for fun! The name comes because people throw tomatoes on each other and ride down tomato slides. Oh the things people do for fun!

13. Holi Festival
Holi Festival, India, best festivals around the world.

This festival takes place in all India, Sri Lanka and Nepal and it changes date every year. It is an ancient Hindu festival dedicated to the religion. Everyone is invited and it is FREE.

14. Burning Man
Burning Man, Nevada, best festivals around the world.

Burning man takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada USA and it changes the date every year. It is when humans go to shed themselves of the society. One has to experience this event in order to understand how amazing it is.

15. Holy Ship
 Holy Ship, best festivals around the world.

And the last but not least of them all best festivals around the world is the Holy Ship that departs from Miami and sails through the Caribbean. The festival Changes date every year and it has a crazy fan base. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy cruising the Caribbean and partying for 3 days. Hurry up and buy your tickets.

So, which one of them all is your absolute favorite?