A list of 30 of the best festivals around the world! (PART 2)

The previous post about the best festivals around the world, presented just 15 of them which is why we continue the excitement and present you with the rest of the best festivals in the world in this one.
All of these festivals are just a blast and one is not able to decide which one is their favorite but we hope to know some of your favorites.
In order to decide, take a look at the rest of them:

1. Coachella
Coachella, California, best festivals around the world

Of course Coachella will take place in this post because this festival is the biggest name in Music. However, many people don’t go there because of the music but because of the fashion and all the celebrities that show up there. The festival takes place in California in April.

2. Day of the Dead
 Day of the Dead, Mexico, best festivals around the world.

This festival takes place in Mexico and it starts from October 31st and it lasts until the second of November. This celebration is to pay tribute and remember all of the people which you care about and now are unfortunately passed away. As creepy as it sounds, this festival may be the best way to spend Halloween.

3. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
 Albuquerque, N.Mexico, best festivals around the world.

Taking place in New Mexico, USA in October, this is a nine day festival that is unique by the colors. It is also the largest hot air balloon festival that is happening all around the world.

4. Snowbombing
 Snowbombing, Austria, best festivals around the world.

It starts in April in Austria and it is held in a ski resort and the main focus on this festival is snowboarding as much as it is the music. It is the best time to stay in an igloo and have the experience of a lifetime.

5. Full moon party
 Full Moon Party, Thailand, best festivals around the world.

The next on our list of best festivals around the world is happening whenever there is a full moon in Thailand at the beach. It is the ultimate travelers get together event and there are always world-wide famous DJ’s. If you are a party animal, imagine having a party under an open sky, full moon and a beach? It sounds like a dream.