9 of the best Hawaii attractions for kids

4. Snorkeling

snorkeling, Hawaii attractions

We bet your kids will be especially excited by this one on the Hawaii attractions list. This activity is really easy, fun and once in a lifetime experience to witness the magical underwater world and enjoy the beautiful colors and sea creatures. There are plenty of instructors that can take care of your kid and give them beginners lessons but we bet that you want to try it too!

5. Animal encounters

Whale watching, Hawaii attractions

If you and your kids love animals, then Hawaii is the place to discover new types and even touch some of them. Who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins after all? Even though this adventure is very pricey, it is for sure worth it to get in the water and be close to these incredible and very gentle creatures. Also, if you plan on visiting from December to April you will have the chance to go on a whale watching tour!

6. Mount Haleakala

Haleakala Mount, Hawaii attractions

This one is one of the most adventurous activity there is. So, if your kids are younger than 5 we recommend you to look for another one. This activity includes taking a ride up a winding mounting road in the dark in order to watch the sunrise. On your way down you can bike or even take a horse ride. It is a definitely once in a lifetime experience if you are into adventures and adrenaline.