7 Things You Should Do While You Are In Your 20 ties

When someone mentions the word vacation, the first thing that usually pops in our head is the sun, a sandy beach and the sea. Even though it’s a perfect way to relax and forget about the problems in our everyday life, with this kind of a vacation, you can rarely have an adventurous experience or try something new.
This summer we recommend a different kind of vacation which you will remember for the rest of your life.

1. Travel alone

Travelling with big groups of friends is nice, but nothing gives you a confidence boost as travelling alone does.

travel alone

The choice of the location in this case is crucial since you will be travelling alone and you should feel safe at all costs. Of course, your vacation should be planned carefully in advance. This is a perfect opportunity for you to figure things out, but also meet some new, amazing people.

2. Be impulsive

For this kind of a vacation it’s best to have your friends with you since you won’t have time to plan and figure every detail out.


Be spontaneous and choose a destination in the last minute, pack your bags in a hurry and go. It sounds crazy but this vacation may turn out to be the adventure of your lifetime.

3. Take a break from technology

Technology has become an inevitable part of our everyday lives. Travelling to a destination where you won’t have to watch the news, use or phone or have any access to your social media accounts can completely change your life.


You will have more time for socializing, having fun, but also more time for thinking. This break can also help you unlock your inner creativity which technology has successfully hidden. Visit an exotic place, an idyllic city or if your budget is low, you can always go mountaineering.

4. Volunteer

There are many voluntary organizations around the world. You can choose where you want to volunteer depending on your personal affinities. Many people in this world need your love, help and support.


This will be a new learning experience for you. You will meet new cultures, new people and new cuisines. If you are very ambitious you can also learn a new language.

5. Go camping

Free camping is not allowed in every country in this world, but it is worth a try.


With some close friends and a low budget you can visit more than one place. This kind of a vacation is far from the everyday comfort we are used to but the adventure is unforgettable.

6. Go mountaineering

As mentioned previously, nothing relaxes you more than a vacation in nature.


You don’t have to climb the world’s highest mountains. You can just visit the closest one to your home and still get away from the pollution and the noise in the city. During the day you can explore the mountain while at nighttime you and your friends can relax with some music around the fire.

7. Have fun on the beach

While you are on vacation, you have to use the beach to the fullest. Every touristic destination which offers a beach also offers different kinds of activities on that beach.

fly boarding

If you are an adrenaline junkie you can try everything which is offered like diving, surfing, getting on a zip line, fly boarding and many more.
The experience will be unforgettable.

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