5 Most Mysterious Places in the World

With enough money and a desire to go on a trip, people think that they can travel wherever they want to. They are wrong. There are some places on this planet which are forbidden to every tourist out there.
We did our best to gather 5 of the most mysterious places which will wake up the curiosity in you.

1. Surtsey

Surtsey is a newly formed island which is forbidden to tourist due to scientific experiments. It was formed in 1963 when an underwater volcano near Iceland erupted.

mysterious places, Surtsey

mysterious places, Surtsey

Scientists all over the world were intrigued by the formation of this island and gave its name according to the mythological creature known as Surtr. Since then, no tourist is allowed to step foot on the island.

2. Ilha da Queimada Grande

Another island, but this one is forbidden due to a completely different reason – poisonous snakes. It’s where it gets its nickname from – Snake Island. On every 0.43 km on this island there are around 4000 snakes. The most dangerous one is „Bothrops insularis“, known as the golden lancehead, whose poison is 5 times greater than that of other snakes.

mysterious places, Bothrops_insularis

It’s simple. If it bites you – you die.

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