15 of the most famous historical places in the world

This world of ours has great number of amazing and historical places and all of them are worth seeing. All of them offer different types of experiences and one cannot just choose a favorite.
Which is why we have prepared this list of 15 of the most famous historical places in the world for you. The reason for this list is the fact that you should know all your options before choosing a specific one.
Take a look and let us know which one is your favorite:

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Located in Cambodia, Angkor is considered to be the largest most religious place on Earth. IT is built in the 12th century by some powerful king with Hindu-Buddhist origin. Some of the world-wide famous temples such as Ta Prohm, Bayon and Ankor Wat are located there. If you are into Hindu and Buddhist culture, this place is a must visit!

2. Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer
This statue of Jesus Christ is located in Brazil and it is the largest visual art statue in the world with 39, 6 meters of height. The pedestal of the statue is also gigantic! Its weight is equal to 90 fully grown elephants! Just wow!

3. Colosseum


It is not a surprise that the Colosseum is on the list of the most famous historical places because this place is the pride of Rome and Italy overall. This architectural masterpiece or the leftovers of it are worth seeing and experiencing the age of ancient Rome as well as the breathtaking ancient art.
This was the largest amphitheaters in the world and the history of the place is what makes it even more intriguing.

4. The Kremlin

The name of this place literally means a “fortress inside a city”. The meaning of this place is more like the White House in USA because now the Kremlin is the residence for the ruler of the country to the current Vladimir Putin. This place is surrounded with numerous of world-famous historic buildings worth visiting whenever in Russia.

5. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty
This list of historic places would never have been complete without the world-famous Statue of Liberty. As most of you know, this neoclassical statue is located in New York and it is the symbol of USA. Every year, millions of tourists go in New York just to witness this Roman goddess, the icon of freedom and the broken chains near her feet.