10 of the weirdest hotel rooms in the world!

6. The Hobbit motel in New Zealand
The Hobbit motel in New Zealand

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, this is the one and only hotel for you! If you ever wondered what it feels like to sleep in a hobbit’s home, you have the opportunity now.

7. Costa Verde in Costa Rica
Hotel Costa Verde

Following on the list of the weirdest hotel rooms in the world is this airplane that is tucked in a tropical rainforest and used as a hotel. This hotel offers some amazing and once in a lifetime views but it is only recommended for people that like living on the edge.

8. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland
Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland

When in Finland, one has to try and stay in an igloo hotel but this one offers an even more amazing experience. This hotel is made out of beautiful glass igloos from where one can enjoy the beautiful Northern Lights.

9. The Tree Hotel in Sweden
Treehotel in Harads, Sweden

Every one of us had that childhood dream of living on a tree and now, this hotel, can actually make those dreams come true. The hotel rooms are all located up on the trees in a forest of Harads , Sweden and they offer an amazing experience. IF you wonder why this hotel is listed in the weirdest hotel rooms list, it is because there is even a hotel room shaped into a UFO and a giant mirror cube. It just can’t get any weirder than this. Many people often choose this hotel because they want to get away from the everyday boring and stressful life and have some once in a lifetime experience.

10. The Dog Bark Park in Idaho

Do you like dogs? Well if you do, you have a chance to sleep in a beagle. Yes, 9m tall beagle. Only four people can sleep in this hotel at once and as weird as it may sound, it actually offers an amazing experience. See for yourself!

These were some of the weirdest hotel rooms in the world. Which one do you think is the weirdest one?


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