10 of the weirdest hotel rooms in the world!

Hotels are always fun and unique in their own ways but there are some very weird hotels that can give you the strangest experience ever and people are actually staying in them.
This is a list of 10 of the weirdest hotel rooms in the world:

1. The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam in the Netherlands
The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam

This is a four star hotel and the weird thing about it is the fact that is constructed and designed to look like there are 70 traditional houses stacked in. Also, the interior of the hotel is inspired by the region and it is totally weird.

2. Marmara Antalya in Turkey
Marmara Antalya

This hotel is the only one in the world that actually rotates! Yes, this hotel offers you all different kinds of stunning views because it rotates multiple times a day. It floats in a pool and there are six engine motors that rotates the hotel. Wow, can you imagine looking at the mountains and the next thing you know you are looking at the sea?

3. Hotel de Glace in Canada
Hotel de Glace in Canada

Next on the list of weirdest hotel rooms is this astonishing ice hotel. Yes, even the beds are made out of it.

4. Utter In in Sweden
Utter inn Sweden

This hotel is floating in the middle of the lake on one platform. The bedrooms of this hotel are underwater like in an aquarium. Guests are welcomed and carried to the entry with a boat or a canoe. What an experience!

5. Magic Mountain hotel in Chile
Magic Mountain hotel in Chile

The rooms of this hotel are made in an artificial mountain. There is even a waterfall that falls from the top of the mountain and the greatest thing about this hotel is that you need to pass a monkey like bridge in order to enter the hotel.


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