10 Of The Top Australia Beaches

6. Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas

Four Mile Beach, Australia beaches

This beach is a pretty popular spot and it is great. The beach is pretty wide and there is a huge low tide that you must walk up to 200m to reach the water.

7. Noosa main beach in Noosa

Noosa Beach, Australia beaches

Noosa beach is ideal for families and all those that are not that confident when it comes to surfing. This beach is very safe and has gentle waves. There are numerous of surf lifesavers every single day because this spot is pretty popular. This place is also famous by the Street Shopping and the wonderful sight of dolphins that are very frequent visitors to these waters. If you are lucky you can also see some whales while in their migration season.

8. Wineglass Bay in Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, Australia beaches

This beach is a part of a National park and it is very picturesque. The sea is like a splash and a rainbow of colors. The sight is just magical. This place is one of the top choices to many travelers and people that like rock climbing or just relaxing under the sun.
If you are a fan of swimming, you should come here and enjoy the amazing water. Also if you want to make some amazing pictures of your journey, this is the place to be. This beach is always full and used throughout all the seasons in the year.

9. Hyams Beach in New South Wales

Hyams Bay, Australia beaches

This beach is famous because of the cliff walking traits and the numerous native forests. The white sand is what makes this beach so breathtaking. If you love diving or snorkeling, we assure you that this is the place to be. However, if you are not that much into diving, there are plenty activities you can choose from such as windsurfing, sailing or kayaking. There are also a whale and dolphin watching tours that are organized on this beach and it just can’t get any better!

10. Bondi Beach in Sydney

Bondi Beach, Australia beaches

The last but not least on our list of the best Australia beaches is this Bondi beach that is pretty famous among the travelers because it offers a thriving and unique atmosphere. This beach also offers a variety of opportunities and one can be amazed by all the choices. This iconic beach was founded more than 100 years ago. The best thing about it is that is very accessible destination because it is located in Sydney and that the beach is friendly for all those that like to walk, swim or just sunbathe.
These were our top 10 picks from all the Australia beaches. Do you have your favorite? Because we do, and it is all of them. Every beach is unique and amazing on its own way, and every one of them is worth visiting. So pack your swimsuit and go have the time of your life.